Get to know Mr Wright

Where are you from?

Barnsley- South Yorkshire- England

 What do you do?

Primary School Teacher- Year 5

 How did you get into education?

After realising I wouldn’t become a Professional Footballer I turned my attention to education.  I studied A-Levels at college then went onto studying education at Liverpool John Moores for 3 years. This was followed by completing a teacher training qualification in 2018 at Sheffield Hallam University.

 What drives you as an educator?

I feel having the opportunity to shape a young child’s life is a massive driving force that gets me out of bed each day to go to work.  Another driving force is that I get to become a role model every day and can use my life experiences to motive the children and inspire them to be the best they can be.

 If there’s one thing you can change about the system what would it be?

I feel having the opportunity to come and teach in NZ has been an eye-opening experience, and it has given me the chance to compare how different countries run their schooling systems.  I feel in NZ they cater more for the whole child, they allow more freedom and break the stigma that learning should only happens within the 4 walls of a classroom.

However, I still feel that majority of the time, money and emphasis is used on teaching maths and literacy, I would love to see some of this be directed more to the arts and outer school opportunities.

 What is the best trip you’ve ever taken a class on?

The best trip I have had the opportunity to go on with a class is, school camp. This year was the first time I had stayed overnight on a school trip and let’s just say it came with its ups and downs but overall it was awesome to see all the children thrive in different creative and sporting activities.

 How do you support the arts in your classroom/school?

So at the start of this year I decided to split up art into three different areas.  We do drawing, drama and creative writing.  The kids love it when I create cross curriculum opportunities in maths and English to include the arts.  I really enjoy seeing the students take part in anything creative as it allows each child to express their personality/ talent/ craft more.

 How is teaching in NZ different to overseas?

The big thing I have noticed when comparing teaching in the UK to teaching in NZ is that the balance between life and work is so much better. Don’t get me wrong when I’m at work some days can be tough and long but the demand from the school never takes away my weekends like it did in the UK.

 What do you do on the school holidays?

I love exploring and mountain biking also staying active and getting in the gym.  I use most of my school holidays to try and cram in as much activities as I possibly can.

 Can you offer some advice for upcoming teachers studying?

I feel the best advice I could give to trainee teachers would be to just stick with it.  There is going to be times where the work load will start piling up, the stress of dealing with 30 plus kids will add pressure and then it becomes a question of should I give up, is it really worth it?  I just want to reassure anyone out there that feels that way or is going through that struggle right now that the reward of becoming a teacher out ways the struggles 100%.

So keep at it.


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